Fredrikstad and Chalmers University join for co-creation workshop

Fredrikstad and Chalmers University join for co-creation workshop

Navigating the urban landscape on a slippery day, the Fredrikstad living lab joined forces with our partners from Chalmers University of Technology and HYKE – Hydrolift Smart City Ferries for a tour around the city center before embarking on a ferry journey through the waterways of Fredrikstad municipality. This venture is part of the SUM Project, which is dedicated to Co-Creation or Co-Design, an approach that involves engaging travelers in the design process. By inviting the very individuals who navigate these urban spaces to contribute, the living lab anticipates gathering invaluable insights and suggestions to address the challenges they face firsthand.

SUM Partners discussing in Fredrikstad

Following this initial meeting, the Fredrikstad living lab plans to develop a strategy for its first “live co-creation session” scheduled to take place in April. This session marks a pivotal moment in the project, embodying the commitment to collaborative design and innovation.

Fredrisktad partners at the ferry

The session was enriched by the contributions of partners who brought diverse perspectives and expertise to the discussion. The SUM Project aims to harness Co-creation activities to refine Mobility Hubs and Streetspace, enhancing accessibility for travelers, mitigating accident risks, and elevating the attractiveness of New and Shared Mobility (NSM).

The essence of this Co-creation methodology is encapsulated in four key steps: identifying the problem, collaboratively devising solutions through workshops and ongoing individual efforts, analyzing the outcomes, and collectively deciding on the next steps, including potential implementations. This participatory approach ensures that solutions are not only thoughtfully negotiated and shared but also stand a better chance of being embraced by all stakeholders involved. Through this innovative methodology, Fredrikstad aspires to redefine urban mobility and create more inclusive, safer, and appealing urban environments.

Fredrikstad partners walking along the river