Fredrikstad’s Living Lab: A new era in electric ferries

Fredrikstad’s Living Lab: A new era in electric ferries

Fredrikstad’s Living Lab is set to start their trial operation of the electric ferry ‘Hyke’. Marked to begin in early December, this initiative marks a significant step towards sustainable transport in the city. SUM project partner Hyke will navigate a new test route, offering free service to the public during the trial period, portraying a unique blend of innovation and community engagement.

The route includes several stops, each featuring environmentally friendly facilities. One notable stop includes a charging station and an innovative automatic floating waste collection system. This stop also provides a service building and comprehensive parking solutions for cars and bicycles, showcasing a commitment to diverse transport options.

On the opposite riverbank, the ferry connects to another stop equipped to serve winter needs. Here, a feeder bus service will transport passengers to nearby industrial areas during colder months. Complementing this, a bicycle shed offering free bike loans will be available, encouraging eco-friendly travel year-round.

Further up the river, another ferry stop has been recently equipped with a charging station for electric ferries, a new service building, and a bicycle shed, reinforcing the network’s commitment to sustainable transport solutions.

Parallel to these developments, a survey focusing on travel habits and the transport system has been conducted, providing valuable insights into local transport needs and preferences.

This December, a digital co-creation workshop, in collaboration with project partners Chalmers and Hyke, is set to explore various activities and ideas. These discussions will continue into the new year, with a meeting in Fredrikstad to actualize the concepts from the workshop in the living lab in 2024.

An interesting facet of this project is the integration of advertising on city ferries to balance operational costs, ensuring the continuation of free service for residents. This approach has gathered wide support in the community and is currently in negotiation with various stakeholders.

Fredrikstad’s introduction of the Living Lab of their electric ferry and accompanying sustainable transport initiatives signify a progressive step towards a greener, more efficient urban transport system. The city’s approach, encompassing environmental measures, community engagement, and innovative funding strategies, sets a benchmark for sustainable urban transport solutions.

View of Fredrikstad ferries
Fredrikstad ferry system. Obtained from @Byferga facebook account.

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