Geneva: Implementation of Mobility Hubs

Geneva: Implementation of Mobility Hubs

The Geneva Living Lab is embarking on an ambitious project to develop a network of mobility hubs across the region.

A mobility hub is a publicly accessible place where multiple sustainable modes of transport are brought together, including public transportation and shared mobility services. These hubs are designed to make sustainable modes more visible and easy-to-use, encouraging a shift away from private car usage.

At the end of 2023, the Geneva Living Lab successfully implemented its first mobility hub in a central urban area. This pilot hub provides access to shared bikes and shared cars at all times, alongside buses, tramlines, and trainlines. To enhance user experience, a passenger information totem has been installed at the hub, delivering relevant information on locally available services and helping to create a distinct identity for the network of hubs in public spaces. Plans are in place to add further services to this pilot hub, including electric cargo bikes.

Looking forward, nine additional mobility hubs are scheduled to be implemented throughout the year in various areas of the Geneva region, such as park-and-ride facilities, campuses, residential neighborhoods, and suburban areas. The Geneva Living Lab is also in discussions with further municipalities and key regional stakeholders, including Geneva Airport, to continue expanding the mobility hubs network into 2025.

In addition to permanent hubs, the Geneva Living Lab is exploring the concept of temporary mobility hubs that can be deployed for large events such as concerts and sports games in Geneva. These temporary hubs would provide flexible and sustainable transport solutions tailored to the specific needs of event attendees.