Krakow: mobility solutions for disadvantaged areas

Krakow: mobility solutions for disadvantaged areas

As part of the SUM project, the Kraków Public Transport Authority will expand the KMK (Kraków Public Transport) system with the introduction of a new public transport service at the beginning of the school year.

Building on the success of the Telebus service implemented in the Płaszów area as part of the Civitas Caravel project, Lajkbus will provide a shared travel experience under different conditions. This pilot will operate in a similar way to a taxi service within a defined area, but with the feature that other passengers can join the journey. The aim is to make previously inaccessible areas easily accessible and provide seamless access to trams, buses or trains for further travel.

The selection of the service area is based on comprehensive analyses of spatial data, demographics and traffic studies, carried out with the support of specialists from the Jagiellonian University.

The picture shows the operational process in the Zabłocie district: The first passenger, marked in green, needs to be transported from Klimeckiego Street to her apartment at the intersection of Dekerta and Mydlarska Streets. At the same time, the second passenger, marked in purple, needs to travel from his office on Niwy Street to Bohaterów Getta Square, where he wants to catch a tram to Matecznego Roundabout. In this scenario, the Lajkbus will first pick up the first passenger (marked in green), then continue to pick up the second passenger (marked in purple). It will then drop off the first passenger at their destination and continue to take the second passenger to their final destination.

The Transport Authority has two main tasks for this project: to develop a mobile app that connects passengers with drivers, and to procure vehicles that will ensure comfortable and safe travel for an 18-month pilot period. Initially, the service will operate on weekdays. If the pilot is successful and well received by the public, there is potential for future expansion.