The Rotterdam Living Lab focuses on the integration of new and shared mobility (NSM) with public transport.

The city’s public transport operator, RET, provides bus, metro and tram services and has been actively collaborating with various shared mobility services such as bike-sharing, car-sharing and e-scooter services since 2019. The Living Lab focuses on suburban areas, with the aim of improving the accessibility of NSM options, including bike-sharing, car-sharing and e-scooter services. A forthcoming MaaS platform, led by Siemens Mobility, aims to offer ticketing and multimodal routing services in 2023.

Challenges addressed by the Living Lab include congestion, emissions, overcrowded public transport, limited public space, equitable access, tariff integration for new modes, and the definition of shared mobility service areas. Rotterdam’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) focuses on improving cycling and public transport infrastructure, connecting first and last mile trips to public transport, and supporting the shift towards micro-mobility.

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