Larnaca Information Conference and Workshop

Larnaca Information Conference and Workshop

In partnership with Larnaca Municipality, Larnaca Public Transport (LPT) recently hosted an information conference and workshop to present the Seamless Shared Urban Mobility (SUM) pilot project. SUM, which is scheduled to be launched in June 2024, focuses on multimodal mobility and its impact on the city.

The conference, held on 17 April 2024, was opened by LPT CEO Julio Tironi, who highlighted the importance of the SUM initiative in advancing Cyprus’ transition to sustainable transport. He thanked the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, the project partners and the Larnaca Municipality for their cooperation.

The Mayor of Larnaca, Andreas Vyras, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the city’s proactive stance in adopting sustainable mobility practices to circumvent the challenges faced by larger urban centres.

Representing Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades, Andreas Nikiforou, Head of the Directorate of Public Transport, praised SUM’s innovative approach and stressed the importance of promoting seamless, safe and environmentally friendly mobility in urban areas.

The results of a targeted survey on the transport preferences of Larnaca residents guided the selection of areas for the implementation of multimodal mobility options. This includes expanding the bicycle and electric bike network alongside the public bus network, with plans to integrate additional mobility providers through the existing PameApp application, such as Nextbike and Tier.

The overall aim of the pilot and related efforts is to extend these sustainable mobility solutions to other cities in Cyprus in the future.