Project partner

ERTICO – ITS Europe is a public-private partnership organisation with close to 120 members, connecting 8 different sectors in the ITS Community, including service providers, suppliers, traffic and transport industry, research institutions and universities, public authorities, user organisations, connectivity industry as well as vehicle manufacturers.

ERTICO also embodies thought leadership and fostering stakeholder engagement. Together with leading pioneering and innovative Partners, ERTICO develops, promotes, and connects Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) through various activities, including European co-funded projects, innovation platforms, and international cooperation advocacy. ERTICO activities focus on the following areas: Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility, Clean & Eco-Mobility, Urban Mobility, Transport & Logistics. Every year, ERTICO also organises an ITS Congress, and every third year, the ITS World Congress that takes place in Europe.

In the SUM project, ERTICO leads Work Package 6 – Dissemination, Upscaling, Exploitation and Policy Outreach, which aims at defining concrete and innovative activities that will create awareness and visibility, encourage participation and co-creation with the relevant public and private stakeholders during the project and beyond. The plan will be expanded towards mobility stakeholders and regulators including national, regional and urban actors. ERTICO will also contribute to the management and administration activities of the project.

ERTICO, with its industry and public authorities networks, will work closely together with the local partners to promote evidence-based decision making at both national and European level and thus mitigate any barriers. ERTICO will also focus on the engagement with Civitas cities, the development of policy guidelines in line with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) of SUM’s municipalities, and the outreach of the project. Lastly, ERTICO will engage with building relations with official EC channels, media and other EU funded projects.