Fredrikstad Municipality

Fredrikstad Municipality

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Fredrikstad is a municipality located in the southeastern corner of Norway, between Oslo and the Swedish border. The mobility system in Fredrikstad comprises cars, buses, shuttle services, an inter-city train station, and three water metro ferry lines. In addition, residents use bicycles (both private and shared) and there are two electric scooter companies operating in densely populated areas.

The Living Lab area encompasses the city of Fredrikstad itself. Public transport options include buses operated by Østfold Kollektivtrafikk (ØKT) and water metro ferries (Byferga). NSM options include bike-sharing (Sharebike), car-sharing (Move About), e-scooters (Bolt, VOI, Ryde), demand-responsive transport (ØKT, Flex), and taxi services (Taxisentralen, Ferder Taxi, Fredrikstad Taxi). The city is also developing new water metro stops and shared electric ferries as part of a large-scale urban development project in the new city center area.

The main mobility challenge in Fredrikstad is to reduce the number of car trips to achieve zero growth in climate emissions. Currently, car trips account for 59% of journeys in Fredrikstad, higher than the national average, while bus travel stands at 8% and cycling at 9%. The Living Lab aims to address this challenge by promoting sustainable transport modes and improving accessibility.

The municipality is in the process of developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) that will align with the Living Lab project. The SUMP aims to achieve zero growth in climate emissions, increase the share of sustainable transport, improve public and commercial transport accessibility, develop efficient traffic hubs, and encourage cycling and walking.