Project partner

MOBY X SOFTWARE LTD (MOBYx) is a Cyprus-based start-up company founded by researchers in 2018.Its main objective is to design transport-related software usually used by authorities for transport planning purposes, and by industry for market studies and investment planning.

Currently, MOBY X has two main products:

MobyApp. MobyApp is a smartphone-based travel demand data collection tool. Adapted and tested in the data collection in the areas of Turin (IT) and Oxfordshire (UK) under the project HARMONY, for the digital assessment of the proposed mobility solutions.

Harmony Model Suite (MS). Harmony MS is a model suite hosting strategic, tactical, and operational simulation models, covering both passengers and freight transport, that allows the integration of existing simulation models (e.g., in AIMSUN, VISUM, etc.).

MOBYx has participated in several HORIZON projects such as HARMONY, FRONTIER, MOVE2CCAM, SPINE, and other. In the SUM project, MOBYx through the capabilities of one of its products, namely the MobyApp, will be able to track/monitor the citizens of Larnaca’s (Living Lab), travel behaviour for evaluating the impact of the proposed shared mobility concepts. Additionally, the app will be able to perform the user needs identification, travel behaviour monitoring and impact evaluation. Harmony MS will be able to process the collected data from mobility surveys, proceed with data analyses and provide data visualizations. Additionally, Harmony MS product will run different simulations for utilizing the transport network model of Larnaca and providing policy evaluations. Therefore, both products will be utilized in this project.