Penteli’s Living Lab: Advancing Local Mobility

Penteli’s Living Lab: Advancing Local Mobility

Penteli’s Living Lab, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), has initiated their  actions to reshape local transportation through SUM. A key component of this initiative is a detailed survey aimed at understanding the travel preferences of Penteli residents. The survey has been distributed through various channels like the municipality’s website, social media, the Freenow car-sharing app, and direct interactions in public spaces. The NTUA’s dedicated staff and students have been instrumental in interviewing residents and collecting valuable responses. This effort is critical for identifying the community’s needs and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Living Lab.

Advancing Sustainable Mobility: The NSM Installation

Penteli’s Living Lab has been proactive in increasing sustainable transportation options. A notable achievement is the tendering and installation of the New Sustainable Mobility (NSM) system of electric bicycles. Scheduled for these months, this initiative will see the installation of 6 docking stations and 38 electric bikes across Penteli. These bikes are placed in central locations, bridging remote areas with existing public transport services. The Living Lab is also working on optimizing fleet usage and integrating the NSM system with the car-sharing app to facilitate integrated ticketing and scheduling. This development is complemented by the construction of dedicated cycling infrastructure, promising a seamless integration of the NSM system into Penteli’s mobility ecosystem.

Introducing Electric Buses: Reconnecting with Public Transport

In a move towards sustainable public transport solutions, Penteli’s Living Lab has acquired two electric buses. These buses are set to reinstate Penteli’s connection with the broader public transport network in 2024. The operation of these routes, scheduled for detailed study in the upcoming months, marks a advancement in the municipality’s transport infrastructure. The bus service is set to act as a feeder to the main network, supporting the implementation of an scheduling integration tool developed as part of the SUM project. Moreover, integrated ticketing is planned to enhance user experience, ensuring a seamless and efficient public transport system for the residents of Penteli.